BAHN 3.5x and related materials

JB Software Saxony Bahnsimulation

The production version of the JBSS BAHN program now supports the option of running in the English language. The materials here are now only historical, from BAHN 3.5x versions of around 1998 and earlier. The Help file was originally translated by me, and then handed-over to the author.

English-language Documentation

This area includes some Bahn358 documentation, as translated by myself into English.

The file b358eng.html contains my (abridged) translation of the original German documentation file (BAHN.TXT) for the 3.58 beta tests, marked up in HTML. (It's linked to a CSS stylesheet for better appearance, but you can also read it without.)

bahn.txt is the original plain-text documentation file in German, encoded in DOS CP850 (DOS Latin-1) code, otherwise known as "IBM850".

Help file

I made a first English translation of the German HELP file, originally with the entries in the same order as the alphabetical ordering of the German version. It was otherwise not bad, although I say it myself.

I sent the first version to Jan, who re-sorted the index entries into their proper alphabetical order, and incorporated that into the English version of the package.

The translation of the HELP file was itself very time-consuming, and I did not have time to check it over in detail. There could be typing errors and other kinds of problem. A small amount of the original has not been translated (e.g the detailed history of the program) as I didn't feel I had the time for matters not directly related to the usage of the current version.

There are some discrepancies in terminology, for various reasons, between what I have written, and what appears in the English language program resource. A few are deliberate but most are inadvertent, for example where I translated the German in my own words without verifying what the program itself would say when it's running with the English-language resource file. Please feel free to point these discrepancies out or to suggest improvements.


The "Notes on building a signal installation" have outlived their usefulness and are no longer linked here. Please run BAHN, with the English language Help file, and refer to the appropriate Help sections.

The rest of this page contains material carried forward from version 3.40 which still seemed of relevance. (My previous areas devoted specifically to BAHN 3.20 and 3.40 have now been closed, and accesses to their URLs are being redirected here.)

The European Railway Server Software section now operates only as a historical archive, with links to other repositories.

There are a few (now old) layouts here which took my interest at the time, but please don't email me asking me just to put a layout on my web site for distribution: I'm unable to undertake to operate a distribution site, sorry.

Iain has also designed some rolling stock for use with Bahn and will be offering it for inclusion in the collection. Iain has his own web pages, which are well worth a visit.

Win'95 and DOS notes

Memory assignment was of importance in earlier versions of BAHN (e.g 3.40) where everything had to fit into the conventional 640K memory area. This is much less important in current versions, where extended memory is used for the network; it can however still be useful in general terms not to clog up too much of the 640K area unnecessarily, and I'm leaving these otherwise elderly notes in place just in case they may still be useful.


Getting more conventional memory under Windows'95.

There's a problem that I've been seeing when running BAHN under Win'95, if the Win'95 screen saver comes into action. On my office PC, subsequent BAHN screens tend to be corrupt; on a friend's home PC, we even found Win'95 would hang in this situation and we had to reboot it. Also, if BAHN is left running in the background (iconised), strange things can happen in other windows.

Bruno von Holzen recommends to set the properties of the BAHN program (right-click on the icon and take "Properties", then the tab "Misc"), and set "Foreground - allow screen saver - off"; I think "Background - always suspend" is also a good idea. In version 3.58 there is a program function for re-building the graphics screen: activate it with the "Reload graphics data" button in the File menu.


Old DOS tips on memory assignments.